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ForDeX.Co Announces Grant From 0x

ForDeX.Co Announces Grant From 0x
7th March, 2019

At ZPX, we have been working on blockchain products for well over two years now. Our product portfolio includes Satoshi & Co, a popular crypto research & analysis blog, 108 Token, one of Asia’s earliest crypto indices, and more recently, a blog tracking stablecoin news at StablecoinWatch. We recently launched ForDeX, our 0x relayer focused on stablecoins.
We have often spoken about the importance of DEXs, and the critical role they play in the crypto ecosystem. It is in this context that Fordex becomes interesting.
ForDex is intended to be a one-stop DEX (decentralized exchange) for stablecoins, with the largest selection of stablecoins listed from around the world. The name is intended to be a play on the words ForEx and DEX, and symbolizes a future where stablecoins and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) are the norm, rather than the exception, and have a critical role to play in global financial infrastructure. We believe that day is far closer than many of us imagine it to be.
ForDeX currently supports popular stablecoins such as USDS, USDC, DAI and PAX. We also have non-USD stablecoins like KRWb and will add more stablecoins listed in other currencies over the next few months. ForDeX also supports a fiat on ramp via Wyre and is also integrated with 0x instant, which enables in-app swap with a range of ERC 20 tokens.

We are now happy to announce that 0x has awarded us an ecosystem acceleration grant.

This grant validates the strength of our team, execution and roadmap. The support from 0x has been immensely helpful in more ways than one — we are working closely with them to bring on board more market makers, users, partners and build out ForDeX along the roadmap we have planned.
0x is the premier protocol for decentralized exchanges, and powers leading DEXs such as RadaR Relay, Paradex, SharkRelay etc in addition to ForDeX. 0x also powers Veil, the exciting Augur-based prediction market that is built on top of the 0x protocol. A full list of the relayers supported by 0x is here.
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